Staff and Leadership


The Rt. Rev. John Vaughan: Bishop Ordinary

Rev. Fr. Michael  Kerouac, Dean

Rev. Fr. Tim Gouge, Vicar

Rev. Fr. Chester O’Brien, Curate


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The Anglican Church in America


The Anglican Church in America is a traditional, historic church. We use the ancient offices found in The Book of Common Prayer. The beautiful language of our prayer book draws us closer to God. The continual use of the matchless prayers contained within The Book of Common Prayer offers us a window onto faith, holding us together as a community that meets in Jesus' name.  

Anglican Church in America resent news: 

How we worship


  1. Scripture is the heart of Anglican worship:  Online Bible: 
  2. The Book of Common Prayer provides the framework of the worship service:
  3. The Anglican Missal provides additional resources for the worship service: